Papercrafting Inspired By…Candy

Since I am a sweet hound, I thought I'd bring that into my Tuesday Tip today!

Have you ever though about letting the sparkle and glitz of sugarcoated treats inspire your cards and layouts? (one of my personal favorite candies are those lemon and orange "slices" that are coated with sugar and do look like they are dipped in glitter!). Why not use glittery card stock, chipboard and accents to add sparkly pizazz to your projects! You can even throw in a glitzy rhinestone or two…Karen, are you seeing this???!!!

One thing I like to do, is troll the supermarket aisles looking for sweets that have eye-catching color…skittles, starbursts, and such. Throw a few of these into your basket and then base the color selection for your next layout or cards on these colors. You will be amazed at the color combos you come up with!

One last thought around our "candy theme"…do you have a favorite stash of candy in your vegetable crisper so that the kids will never find it? C'mon…I KNOW I'm not the only one! Chances are your family loves this particular candy so why not create a layout for your family that is based upon this candy…maybe showcasing a recent trip to somewhere (movies, amusement park, etc.) where you all ATE this delicious treat.

Have fun with this and I'd love to see what you create!


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