10 Most Popular Valentine’s Day Gifts

Romantic dinner concept. Valentine day or proposal background. Top view of restaurant wooden table with heart and rose with cutlery on plate

I was curious to see what the 10 most popular Valentine’s Day gifts were. Take a look at the list and see if you’re at all surprised.

  1. CHOCOLATE! I figured it was either flowers or chocolate. About 50% of consumers say they purchase some form of chocolate for their sweetheart.
  2. FLOWERS: 34% of the public say flowers are a romantic gift. Roses, tulips and carnations are favorites to purchase.
  3. CARDS: even though cards are usually given with another gift over 50% of shoppers will give their sweetie a card; of course you score extra points for a handmade card!
  4. JEWELRY: who doesn’t like this? Women even make a lot of these purchases, with watches and cufflinks topping the list.
  5. DINNER FOR TWO: whether at a favorite restaurant or a home cooked meal, this is always popular.

Finishing up the list : clothing, gift cards, houseplants, perfume, handmade gifts (like a love “coupon book”).

My daughter made me many coupon books growing up and I still have one of them…guess I need to redeem those!

Did any of the items on the list surprise you? Were any left off? You can tell me by leaving a comment below. Thanks!



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