A Great Kids’ Project

I was surfing the web this morning as I looked for ideas for the weekly Scrapbooking Tips that I do for Anne’s newsletter subscribers.  I came across a great idea in an article by Autumn Lockwood. I thought it was so good that I’d share some excerpts with you.

The title of Autumn’s article is “Inexpensive Scrapbooking With Plastic Bags”. That title made me say, “Huh???” In it, she talks about creating neat little simple scrapbook pages that let you work with your kids and teach them some things about crafting in the process.  Great idea! 

Here are the excerpts:

“Although there is certainly a time and a place for archive-quality scrapbooks, sometimes you just want a quick and inexpensive way to make a durable little scrapbook. These little plastic bag scrapbooks are great to make as a children’s project. It is also a great method for teaching young children about saving photos.”

“Once the book is constructed, the fun can begin. Give your child a stack of photos and construction or scrapbook paper sized to fit in the bags. They can then use round-tipped scissors, glue or adhesive squares and markers to make interesting pages. When their pages are complete, simply slip them into the bag pages and zip shut.”

If you’d like to read Autumn’s complete article, Click Here.

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