Are You Starting To Think About Christmas Presents?

Many of my customers tell me they are starting to look for sales so they can start now on all the presents they need to buy. The early birds have been doing this for months; but hey, we can’t all be over-achievers…hahaha!

Are YOU starting to think about Christmas presents? Maybe you are thinking about the cost of the presents and your list keeps growing?

I might just have a solution for you! I am guessing you like Stampin’ Up! products or you probably wouldn’t be visiting my site…and THANK YOU for visiting, by the way! If you love our products, wouldn’t you like to :

  • get a discount on your products
  • make a little extra cash for the holidays
  • be the first to get your hands on our Christmas “supplement” that will be released
  • have access to more samples, tips, and techniques than you ever thought possible
  • spend time with other friends who love crafting as much as you do
  • fill in your own reason

I would love to chat with you on the phone, meet up with you at Starbuck’s or perhaps Wendy’s and find out how Stampin’ Up! might be the answer for you…just like it was for me over twelve years ago! I have the absolute BEST team, Girls, INK and there is a place for YOU!  I have team members around the country and skype-ing is a way to include you in our events if you aren’t local to the Dallas area.

Please email me or call me (214-293-4461) and let’s take a shot at seeing which of your dreams Stampin’ Up! might help you accomplish!

If you’d like to know a little bit more about the Stampin’ Up! hobby and business plan, click here.


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