Back To School…Already?

Yep, can you believe it that school has started? My 2 oldest grandkids went back today and at church on Sunday our Pastor used a little back to school humor when he started his message. He said, parents are probably saying…yea the kids are going back to school and kids are probably moping around, sad that summer is over.

I used to teach 5th grade in a classroom in California where all the students had been diagnosed with either ADD or ADHD.  One of the common “issues” for parents was helping their child to keep track of all their “stuff”.

Our Craft Keeper product is absolutely perfect for all those papers and projects. They come in 2 sizes and you can write your child’s name on the top with a sharpie marker. At the end of the year, you can put all the “must save” memorabilia right in the keeper and file by year.

The Craft Keepers are also a perfect way to keep your ongoing scrapbook
and stamping projects together. 

Here are the item numbers:

Craft Keeper 12 X 12 104181
Craft Keeper 8 1/2 X 11 104182


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