BEWARE The Ides of March!

Hey Stampers!  I have a fun contest for today but first, I wanted to share something interesting about today’s date. We’ll come back to the “BEWARE The Ides of March”! part in a minute.

Today is March 15, known around the world as The Ides of March. Do you have any idea what “ides” means? I didn’t, so I looked it up. In the Roman calendar, it was a day roughly falling in the middle of several months (March, May, July, October) and the 13th of other months. Romans actually used the “ides” to calculate other events on the calendar. Fun fact, ‘eh? Let’s move on to see why we should “BEWARE The Ides of March”!

If you are a history buff (or maybe you just like Shakespeare), you might recognize the Ides of March as the day Julius Caesar met his demise. A prophet warned him of his death by greeting him with the “Beware the Ides of March”! phrase. It kind of stuck, and even in some cultures today, superstitious folks still believe that phrase might foreshadow something unpleasant. I bet there are also some college kids who use this to play pranks on their friends. now that you know I’m not just another pretty stamper, (haha), but have some other knowledge sitting just below the surface, let’s get on to the fun contest for today!

If you are the first person to email me (or leave the correct answer in a comment here on my blog) with the correct number to fill in this sentence below:

MARCH 15th is the ____ day on our calendar

I will send you 5 “wow” cards from my personal stash AND an assortment of ribbons lengths that you can use in your own cardmaking.

Ready…set….GO! Find the answer! (try not to use google)



P.S. from now on, don’t be afraid if YOU hear the phrase, Beware The Ides of March) ?



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