Card Layering 101

OK…let’s face it. Sometimes the biggest obstacle to our cardmaking can be the most simplest of things…like: crooked layers on a card!! How many of you have that problem?? Well, you came to the right place today! Here are some of my favorite “tricks” that I share with my customers.

  1. Use 1/4″ or 1/8″ increments when cutting your layering mats. Watch this short video I created on YouTube awhile back…takes all the guessing away!

  1. When assembling layers, just put a small bit of adhesive in the center until you make sure all the edges are straight. Once you like the positioning, carefully lift up each corner and apply more adhesive, Tear and Tape Adhesive works great for this; easy to place exactly where you want it and sticks really well!
  2. If you should happen to get a “crooked layer” if you carefully lift up one corner and breathe into it, you’ll be able to lift up that corner; keep repeating this process until the entire layer comes up. You can then reposition to even things up.
  3. When positioning a layer, put down two opposite corners first and then do the other two. Your layers will be straight!

Try these tips and I think you’ll be happy with the results: here’s an example to spur you on! 🙂



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