“Coach Purse” ala Diane!

My friend Diane came up with this adorable purse (using an idea one of my downline, Carol gave her at stamp club). I’ve also included Diane’s comments and instructions. Enjoy!

This purse was made for a lady that has worked in my office for over 19
years! 6 of us bought her a Coach wallet and key ring for a going away
present so this paper purse was perfect.

I started with a 11 inch circle cut it in half then attached a black
paper bag to the inside. The straps are 1 x 12 inches (lined with black
paper because the paper was not double sided) and the band is 1 1/4
inch x 6 inches (which is also lined with black paper). This purse is
flat on the bottom because the weight of the wallet did not allow for
it to be round (I hope this makes sense – see picture). The band is
attached with Velcro so that it opens.

This is so easy to make – you have to try it.


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