Common Stamping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Hi stampers! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I was busy with stamping events and putting the finishing touches on the homecoming mums. If you didn’t see my post about these and want to catch up, click here. Today I wanted to share with you some common stamping mistakes and how to avoid them! I get questions from my customers all the time so I’ve compiled a mini database of the most frequently asked questions.

Q. Why are my images looking blotchy or uneven?

A. There are several reasons for this: too much pressure has been applied, pressure has been unevenly applied, or too much ink has been applied to the stamp. When Stampin’ Up! redesigned their ink pads a few years back, they switched from felt to foam. The new foam pads are much juicier! The technique to use is “tap, tap, tap” rather than “knock, knock, knock”. I tell my customers to start out softly and then add more ink if necessary to cover the stamp. It’s much easier to add than to take away.

Q. I keep seeing cards on Pinterest I want to create, but I’ve blown my craft budget for the next ten years; what can I do?

A. This is a common “challenge”; we want it all! Beginner stampers can (and often do) spend a small fortune buying stamps for every occasion! Instead of purchasing every stamp you like, be smart about your purchases. Simple floral images, for example, work well for birthdays, weddings, thinking of you, sympathy, etc. Instead of purchasing tons of stamps, try using different coloring tools like colored pencils and markers. Vary your techniques and colors; the same stamp set can give you varied results. In the photo below, the Pieces and Patterns stamp set was used for both cards but they look so different.

Common Stamping Mistakes and How to Avoid ThemCommon Stamping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Q. I get bored making cards all of the time; what else can I do with my stamps?

A. Great question! Stamping isn’t just for paper. Try stamping on something new like glass, fabric, clay, ribbon and more.

The bottom line here is HAVE FUN! Like any other hobby, or business, stamping should bring you joy and RELIEVE stress, not cause it! 🙂

Speaking of joy, I am all about adding color when I create so I am so uber excited about my new Stampin’ Blends! As a demonstrator, I was able to pre-order this fabulous new tool and let me tell you, you are definitely going to want the whole set of markers! They will be available to order on November 1 at my online store. In the meantime, here’s a brochure you can download to read all about the features and benefits of this awesome new product!

Info_Stampin’ blends


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