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Hi All, this is Dave doing today’s post. 

I want to let you know about a coming change in Anne’s business.  I’ll ask you to help by doing one thing and we’ll offer you some pretty cool free gifts for your trouble.

Most of you either have, (or will today), receive an email from us about our switch to AWeber for sending out the monthly newsletters and other information to you.  (If you don’t get that email today, please send Anne a note and I’ll make sure that it gets to you…)  The reason for the switch is to improve on how we send things to you.  

We want to make sure that you still want to hear from us. We don’t want to BUG you if not.  Consequently, we are going to ask that you confirm your subscription on March 31st.  I will send you an email from AWeber on that day which will contain a link and ask you to click to confirm your subscription.  IMPORTANT! To continue receiving Anne’s newsletter and other goodies after March 31st, you will need to click on the link in the note and follow the instructions to confirm your continued interest.  It’s really easy and should take 30 second or so.  (I imagine that most of you have done the same thing many other times.)  

For your trouble, and to show our appreciation for all of you, when you have confirmed your subscription you will receive these Free Gifts

1. Vintage Vogue Purse & Cards ClassCIAF-Group2-Feb10-200

  • 25 pages of instructions (.pdf or .doc)
  • pictures of each step
  • lists of supplies 
  • Tons of how-to’s!
  • pictures of an alternate design using the same templates (like two classes in one)

We purchased these materials from another demonstrator and a condition of their copyright is that we post the following notice.  If you are interested in getting the class for yourself or your business, contact Anne and she will refer you to them.  Also, she’ll have a different idea for your gift… 😉

Please note
these classes are not available to Stampin’ Up! demonstrators. If you
are a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator please contact me for more information.

2. Clear-Mount Stamp Tutorial – the proper use, care, and feeding Clear-Mount of the new clear-mount  stamps from Stampin’ Up!. 

  • pictures of each step
  • mounting tips
  • storage
  • other ideas

3.  Last, but certainly not least…  You will receive my Scrapbooking Tip Of The Week!  Each week a new tip…

  • things you haven’t thought of
  • different ways to get a particular job done
  • new ideas altogether

Here’s a sample of a weekly tip…


Color coordination and contrast will highlight and accent your
scrapbook.  A great way to see how colors look together is to collect and compare color wheels from your local paint or hardware store.  Paint wheels are usually available for the taking in nearly any paint department.

Hold the color wheel up to your photos.  Background colors can either be matched, coordinated, or contrasted with the colors in your photographs, mementos, or embellishments.  Matching colors add to the continuity of the color scheme.  Coordinated colors can add depth to scrapbook pages.  Contrasted colors focus the eye.  In this way, color can be used to create the effect you desire.

A well thought out color scheme can help define the theme of a page, attract attention to specific items, or detract away from mistakes.  On the other hand, poorly chosen color schemes, can cause your scrapbook page to look gaudy or mismatched.

Remember to watch for the email on March 31st!!  


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