Cookies Anyone?!

The fall and winter holiday seasons are my most favorite times of the year to share my Stampin’ Up! business. I don’t know of any other business where I could share my love of cookies AND crafting at one time! I’ll definitely be having several gatherings for cookie making with my friends!

Our Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps make holiday baking a snap! The large handles can easily be gripped by children so you can include a baking activity in your family traditions. These cookie stamps are the perfect gift item for those hard to shop for ladies…I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like cookies!! The recipes that come with the cookie stamps are easy to follow and there are recipes for both sugar and shortbread cookies.

Check out this fun video that shows how the cookie stamps are used (Sara uses a retired product in this video, but our latest, freshly designed cookie stamps work the same way as shown in the video).

Here are the current offerings for these fun stamps.

cookie stamps 1Happenings Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps; Item #133780, $10.95

cookie stamps 2Seasons Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps; Item #133779, $10.95


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