Crop, Drop and Roll

My friend Melanie has a wonderful scrapbooking retreat which overlooks beautiful Lake Texoma.  (I am going in March!) I offered to put some info for her on my blog. Here is a little blurb she wrote, and please check out her site!

I recently had
a conversation with a group of gals who want to stay at my scrapbook
retreat. They asked if I served food, to which I replied, “no because I
cannot find a reliable caterer.”   They proceeded to tell me how
spoiled they were…staying at places where you eat constantly.  They
also told me that when you go to a retreat that offers catering, you
tend to eat more than you would if you had to make the food yourself.
And by the time you are gorged out on food, who wants to scrap?

I had the fantastic opportunity to stay at CROP, DROP AND ROLL, my own retreat!, this past weekend with some gal pals. The best part about the weekend was the food!  Friday
night, one of the gals threw a casserole in the oven for 30 min while
we scrapped; a ready-prepared meal she had picked up at central market.
The next night, another gal thru a Cost-Co lasagna in the oven while we
scrapped; in 30 minutes we were eating. Someone brought a chocolate
cake and we all enjoyed that late at night. I prepped a veggie tray
early on in the week and we snacked on that. Someone else brought a
dip.  Needless to say, no one lost any time scrapping by “having to cook.”  We
all took turns and made one meal; most of which were stuff we picked up
at Sam’s or Cost-co.  It was wonderful not to have to pay a SMALL
FORTUNE for catering. And as the economy gets worse, we can all use
that extra money (upwards of $85 per person over my much lower rates) to spend on other necessities.
when you are planning your next scrapbooking retreat, think about the
amount of money you will save if you DON’T have expensive catering.  
Stay at Crop, Drop and Roll on the shores of beautiful Lake Texoma. Only a 1 hour drive from Plano/Frisco/Allen.

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