Dateline Skagway

Always wanted to do something like that…  Dave here…

Here’s a picture as we were leaving Seattle.


It’s now Tuesday night at about 9:45. Sun’s down, but it’s still light out. We departed Skagway at about 6 and are sailing south back toward Victoria BC. I had hoped to be able to post every day, but it hasn’t worked out that way. The shipboard internet connections are very slow because they have to use a satellite connection and there is apparently limited availability. Anyway…

Yesterday was the highlight of the trip, by far.  We went up the Tracy Arm Fjord. It’s a wilderness area and used to be completely filled by a glacier. The captain took us 27 miles up the fjord to within about a mile of the South Sawyer Glacier. We had a great view and were able to see a number of “calving” icebergs. (That’s the term for pieces breaking off the glacier to become icebergs.) We were surrounded by pices of ice and in between huge walls of rock. It was far, far, beyond my vocabulary or powers of description. I’ll try to upload some pictures if this connection will let me do it. Don’t mind the odd couple in the foreground of one of the pictures…

Levels_TracyArm (4)

Levels_TracyArm (46)

South Sawyer Glacier

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Don’t know if we’ll get another chance to post, but we will be back on Satuday. See you then!



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