Demo Of The Year Awards


I woke up bright and early today. I’m in Salt Lake City for our annual Demonstrator Convention. It is beautiful here!  I just LOVE the mountains…  It’s pretty neat to be able to travel to places like this or Alaska as a part of my business!

They had the big awards ceremony last night.  Pretty exciting! One of the categories is Demonstrator of the Year. Awards go to the top 100 demos and awards are based on business done the year before. It’s the profit-sharing part of the SU business plan. The Demonstrator of the Year received a check for $25,000 and there was another person from the DFW area who got one for $9000!

This is the first year that I’ve been in the Top 100.  My check wasn’t quite as large as those two, but still very nice.  You really can make money while doing what you love.  As much or as little as you like.  Ask me for more information or check out my “Join My Team” page for more info.

I will be gone through Sunday but, Dave The Stamp Slave, will be posting updates often so be sure to visit while I’m gone!


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