Denver Or Seattle…YOU Are The Winner!

Do you think it will be a broncos BRONCOS victory…..

OR will the seattle helmet SEAHAWKS prevail?

Whichever team gets the Lombardi trophy…..YOU get the prize! Call me (469-298-0660) or email me to place an order BEFORE the final play of the game on Sunday, and whatever the last digit of the winning team’s score is, you will get that percentage off your order! So, let’s say the Broncos win by a score of 45 to 7…you will get FIVE% off your order! And, let’s say the Seahawks win by a score of 30 to 10…you will get TEN percent off your order (I couldn’t just give you zero…that would not be right!).:-)

So, have fun cheering your team on to victory, but don’t forget to place your order before the end of the game. It’s Sale-A-Bration, too, so for every $50 you order, you can choose a free item out of the Sale-A-Bration catalog!

Time to party!


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