Did A Tornado Hit?

No, but we are getting new carpet and it sure looks like one did! They have to do it in two stages since we are still living here.  Dave and Josh moved everything from the three bedrooms into the living room.  Fun, fun, fun!!

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SInce I won’t have computer access for a couple of days I’m doing some posts ahead of time so you won’t find an empty page when you visit my blog!

I love all our wonderful stamps sets, inks and embellishments but we have some great tools to help you craft some handmade cards and also some fun scrapbook pages. One of my favorites is the CRIMPER (#101618, $19.95 ~ Crimps card stock and paper up to 6 ½” wide). This awesome tool lets you crimp your paper to add dimension on your projects. I love to use a piece of crimped paper instead of ribbon to add some pop to my creations. You can run your paper through one way and then run the same piece through again going a different direction.

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