Did You Know….

August 18th is the 230the day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar!

It’s also a holiday.  Bad Poetry Day!  I could win that contest without any effort at all!  Just ask my old English teacher(s).

Can you tell that Anne is tied up today?  Can you also tell that Dave The Stamp Slave has a bad case of writer’s block?  Not to worry, the Maven will be back in charge of the posts, ahhh, ummm, “post-haste?”  HA!

I was looking around for something interesting to write about the day and I found one of those lists of things that happened on a certain date.

“On August 18, 293 B.C., the oldest known Roman temple to Venus was founded, starting the institution of Vinalia Rustica.”  I guess I could buy the year 293 B.C., but August 18???  Really?  Who came up with that one?  On the other hand, who’s going to dispute that date…?


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