Did You Know….

that today, in 1955, Steve Jobs was born? I bet all of you use or have used an Apple product at some point. Think about how different things would be had Mr. Jobs not made it into the world; also sad that he passed at such a young age.

I worked for Adobe Systems for almost 10 years when we lived in California; I was actually employee #20! I was around when Adobe and Apple were beginning their relationship in the Silicon Valley. I actually met Steve Jobs…very exciting times! I also was able to purchase one of the very first Macintosh computers and my brother used it to write his doctoral dissertation. See….I’m not just a crafting expert; I’m actually semi-famous….ha!

Seriously though, your computer can really help you when it comes to designing your cards and maybe even scrapbook layouts. Take for instance, this sketch and finished card:

card sketchcard sketchpic

Imagine if we had no computers with which to design, manipulate, and share our projects? The world would be missing a LOT of happy don’t you think?

So, I for one am thankful that Steve Jobs (along with his partner, Steve Wozniak) was the creative genius behind Apple!

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