Do You Have a Favorite Adhesive for DIY Crafting?

Hey friends! I’ve got a quick question for you today. Do You Have a Favorite Adhesive for DIY Crafting? There are so many choices but we all seem to gravitate to one that is the “go to” on our crafting table . Here are a few of the ones I use. Can you guess which one is my favorite adhesive for my DIY projects like handmade cards, home decor, and holiday treat packaging?

stampin up adhesives

GREEN GLUE!  The “real” name is Multi Purpose Liquid Glue but since it has a green top, most of my crafty friends know it as “green” glue.

I have used this for years and I often forget there are two different tips on the bottle; a fine “pen” tip and a broad tip. When I’m doing my Facebook “live” videos or sharing on You Tube I usually will use the fine tip.

But, the other end can be very useful when putting together layers on your handmade cards and 3D projects. I’m sharing a short video below to show (or remind you) why.

This adhesive is economical, easy to use and creates a strong bond which makes it perfect for different kinds of DIY crafting projects.

I hope you found this little tip helpful! If you’d like to weigh in and tell us your favorite adhesive, I’m sure others would love to hear in the comments below. Thanks for sharing!


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