Do You Sew Or Do Needlework?

Dave, our friendly Stamp Slave, is not just known for his video techniques and tool tips. He also does beautiful cross stitch projects. One thing that drives him crazy though is when he loses his extra needles or straight pins. So, I decided he needs a pincushion! Here is an adorable one made with some of the fabric in our Occasions Mini Catalog. It is very easy to make.

Pin cushion project

Supplies: Sweet Stitches Designer Fabric, cut into 6″ square; Sweet Stitches Big Designer Buttons; hot glue gun; straight pins; small wide-mouth canning jar and ring; cardboard, polyester fiberfill stuffing

1. Trace the lid of the jar on the cardboard; cut out.
2. Place the stuffing on the cardboard and cover with the fabric. Hot glue the edges to the underside of the cardboard.
3. Place the pincushion inside the canning ring.
4. Fill jar with buttons and place the lid on the jar.


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