Don’t LOSE Your Marbles…USE Them!

I was playing around with some techniques using my re-inkers this weekend and came upon a technique that I had used years ago with my students for an art project, but had totally not thought of using it with my Stampin’ Up! inks! I am featuring techniques using re-inkers at my stamp clubs this month and wanted to share the “rolling marble” one with all of you!

I had a hard time finding marbles; who would have thought that something kids play with all the time would be so hard to find? I finally found a bag of clear marbles in the floral section of one of our local neighborhood stores. The technique is quite simple:

Put a drop in each corner of the inside of one of your clear stamp cases; remember, our inks are water based so when you are done, just rinse out the case and it will be as good as new. Place 4 marbles inside, close the lid and shake the marbles around so the ink is distributed throughout the case. Then, place a piece of card stock inside and shake the marbles around again until you achieve the desired effect. You can use Whisper White Card Stock or Glossy White and you will get a little different look. Also, each side of the paper will turn out differently.

You can then use your paper as a background or you can punch out an embellishment as I did on the card below. What do you think of this technique?

DSC00280 DSC00281



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