Family Fun on Valentine’s Day

Kids putting a little cramp in your romantic getaway for Day this year?  No worries; I’ve compiled some great ideas for family fun this Valentine’s Day. No particular order; just use the ones that strike your fancy!

Give the kids some colored construction paper, some heart patterns and a pair of scissors. Let them cut out some hearts, string together with yearn or twine and put up a Valentine banner.

Snuggle up on the couch, pop some popcorn, grab some pillows and blankets, and settle in to watch a sweet Disney classic, like Lady and the Tramp.

Put a fun twist on dinner with a menu that Cupid himself would love. Serve a Slice of Heaven (pizza) and   “In the Clouds”, (a root-beer float) for dessert.

Say “I love you.” During dinner,  have everyone share five reasons they love each member of the family. (help younger kids if they need it–don’t leave them out!)

Plan a scavenger hunt with the kids for Dad (or Mom). Help the children make and hide clues, taping a  chocolate kiss on each one. Have some gifts at the end of the hunt. Possibilities include handwritten notes of love and appreciation, coupons (I will wash your car, clean out the garage, cook dinner, babysit younger siblings, etc.), drawings, homemade treats, etc.

Tell your children how you celebrated Valentine’s Day as a child. Have them call grandparents and/or other relatives to get them in on the “reminiscing fun”. At the end, talk about how times have changed or things that have remained the same.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas for family fun on Valentine’s Day. If you have a favorite tradition, please post in the comment section!



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