Family Funday Share

LOVE spending time with our kids and their kids, affectionately known as my grandcherubs! Even though yesterday was the actual day we spent together I hope you enjoy my family funday share today!

Our daughter and her family live about 45 minutes away so we do get to see them quite often. It would be better if they lived closer but at least we don’t have to travel across the country!

Here is “Poppa” and 3 month old Lincoln having a ride on Buckley. He is so patient with the girls!

Forgive the goofy look on my face, picture caught me with a chip in my mouth. Landry was deciding if she really did like guacamole. “Gee I need a few more chips”.

Landry and I had just returned from a spin around the block on her new bike; her “ride” lasted about 2 seconds. I carried it the rest of the way!? Notice our matching shirts…when I helped her get dressed she found one in her closet so we “could be the same”!

How do you like to spend YOUR Family “Fundays”? I’d love to hear your family funday share in a comment below! I’m sure my other readers would like it, too.


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