Fast Fuse…..check!

Stampin’ Up!’s Fast Fuse (129026) is fantastic for projects which need a stronger adhesive than SNAIL (multi-layered cards, boxes, and other 3-D projects) with the convenience of a runner adhesive. However, the adhesive is quite sticky and sometimes does not come off the project or “break” when you want.  When this happens, you often end up with a sticky mess of stretched and/or clumped adhesive.

Use my “fast fuse…check” tip: When you use the runner  on your project, and get the length you need, instead of just stopping (which is where this extra-sticky adhesive often stretches) do this extra “check” step: stop, and then with a slight downward pressure make an upward move with the runner at a right angle. It’s as if you were making a check mark – adhesive going down with the first motion, and releasing and breaking the adhesive with the second motion. This will give you a much more satisfactory result.

This short video will give you a quick tutorial!



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