Pocket Pouch – Tuesday Technique

I’m always looking for new ways to give “money treats” on Christmas. Today’s technique is for a cute little pocket pouch that can be created with any paper and made to just about any size. In my sample today I used our Deck The Halls Designer Series Paper and a Cherry Cobbler button embellishment.

Christmas Gift Pouch
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1) Fold a square piece of card stock in half, corner to corner.

2) Hold the now-triangle piece of card stock so that the fold is at the bottom.

3) Take one layer of the top point and fold it down until the point touches near the bottom of the triangle.
4) Unfold.

5) Take the point on your right and fold it so the edge lines up with the crease created in step 3.

6) Fold the left point over in a similar fashion.

7) Fold top point back down and adhere.

8) Embellish pouch as desired.

Pocket pouch #1 Pocket pouch #2 Pocket pouch #3 Pocket pouch #4jpg Pocket pouch #5


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