Framelits Box Lid Instructions

OK, this is for you stamper-achievers (like over achievers, but with stamps…hahaha). It’s taken a little bit longer to get the box lid video up on YouTube, but in the meantime, here are some instructions so you can “play”.

Cut four envelope framelit pieces, using the same sized framelit you use for the box. Score the sides and only two pieces of the bottom portion (like to create the box). Cut one scored side completely off. Make sure it’s the same side on all four pieces.

Use Sticky Strip to tape all the pieces together, making sure the scored pieces are opposite each other.  Next, tape the two “non-scored” pieces together (should be opposite sides here). Punch a hole in the scored pieces if you want to tie together with ribbon.. You can also just tape together or even lay flat if you don’t want a box top with a “handle”.  If this is the look you are wanting to create, there’s no need to score the bottom on any pieces.

I’ll definitely have the video up over the weekend at the latest….”day job” has just been so, so crazy. If I can do this business full-time with a full-time day job, you surely can, too….it is SO worth it!!!



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