Glimpse Into My World

Hello Stampers! I just got back from being a chaperone on my fifth grade grandcherub’s field trip…it was SO much fun! My posts usually are showing you projects and getting you up to speed on everything “crafty”, but today I wanted to give you a glimpse into my world and what’s been going on.

So, here goes. The field trip was to a camp, Pine Cove, in East Texas. The kids (and chaperones!) got to take fun classes and participate in awesome activities like canoeing and ziplining! We had perfect weather the entire time! Very little “girl drama” AND might even have some new Stampin’ Up! Demos in a few years! Here are some of the trip highlights:

SamandGeebefore we took off from school

SamArcherySamantha the fabulous archer

samcanoeSamantha ready to ride the rapids!

My stamping business provides some extra income so I’m able to take off and do these fun trips; if you’ve never thought of taking your “hobby” up a notch, let’s chat… might be surprised at all the options.

Now, one more picture to share…after arriving back from such a relaxing trip, gorgeous, sun-filled weekend including 2 Stampin’ Up! parties…here is what yesterday brought to our yard.


Dave, the Stamp Slave took the picture this way so all our out of state friends would believe how big the hail was! Only in Texas do we go from sunshine to hail that quickly!

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my world…see you tomorrow with more projects! 🙂



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