Got Frustration?

You will LOVE this tip!

Hey Stampers! I guarantee I’m going to help you end some frustration today. It is something with which all of us “bling” lovers struggle…guaranteed!

How many of you open a package of Stampin’ Up! Basic Rhinestone Jewels or Pearls, take off the ones you need and then struggle getting the sheet back into the cellophane packaging? Either the glue on the top of the package sticks to the sheet of bling or it sticks to some of the little jewels and pulls them off the sheet. Am I right?

Here’s my tip. (I wish I had thought of it but a stamping friend shared it with me). Instead of opening the sealed end of the package, take your Paper Snips and cut off a little sliver on one or both sides of the package. As you need some bling, just slide out the sheet, remove the jewel/s or pearl/s and slide it back in when you’re done. Easy, peasy…no sticking!

Hope this little tip is helpful!


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