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Here is a big shout out to all the mothers 'round the globe! I hope you are all having a special day. I'm waiting to have the yummy meal my husband is cooking for my daughter and me. I saw our son and his family earlier to this "Momma Bear"  (or "She Bear" as my husband call me) is happy as can be!

Here are a few pieces of trivia surrounding this day that I found while surfing around today:

History of Mother's Day: 2 special ladies:

Julia Ward Howe
The idea of the official celebration of Mothers day in the United States was first
suggested by Julia Ward Howe in 1872. An activist, writer and poet Julia shot to fame with her famous
Civil War song, "Battle Hymn of the Republic". Julia Ward Howe
suggested that June 2 be annually celebrated as Mother's Day and should
be dedicated to peace. She wrote a passionate appeal to women and urged
them to rise up against war in her Mother's Day Proclamation written in 1870. She also initiated a Mothers' Peace Day
observance on the second Sunday in June in Boston and held the meeting
for a number of years. Julia championed the cause of the official
celebration of Mothers Day and declaration of official holiday on the
day. Her idea spread but was later replaced by the Mothers' Day holiday
as we know ir, now celebrated in May. Anna
is recognized as the "Founder" of Mother's Day in US. Alhough she never married nor did she have kids, she is also known as the "mother" of Mothers Day, an appropriate
title for the speical lady who worked hard to bestow honor on all mothers. She got the inspiration of celebrating Mothers Day from her own
mother Mrs Anna Marie Reeves Jarvis in her childhood. An activist and
social worker, Mrs Jarvis used to express her desire that someday
someone must honor all mothers, living and dead, and pay tribute to the
contributions made by them.

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