How Do You Use Stampin’ Up!® Stamp Sets?

Hey crafty peeps, how do you use Stampin’ Up!® stamp sets?  When creating your hand stamped, DIY cards, do you like to try new techniques? Do you already have a lot of products but maybe want to learn a new way to use a stamp set you already own? Today I’m going to share how to use ordinary, household bleach to create unique cards like these using any stamp set and cardstock that you already own!

how do I do the bleaching technique in stampinghow to create handmade cards using bleach

I show you the complete technique in this video and show you samples of a stamped image using bleach instead of ink on several different colors of cardstock.

AND, here’s a quick video of the completed cards I created with the bleached cardstock samples.


I hope you can see a new way that you can use the supplies you already own! I’d love to hear the answer to today’s question : how do you use your Stampin’ Up! stamps. Please leave me a comment; I’m sure everyone would be interested!


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