How I Stay SANE During the Week Before Christmas!


I think we all can identify with this charming lady….we want to do it all, prepare the best meal, have THE perfect gift for everyone, have a spotless home,…..yada, yada, yada! Well, this year I vowed to step back and bring some sanity into the season. Maybe these tips just might help you, too, as you are rushing around to get everything done during the last week before Christmas!

  1. Right now, sit down and make a list of everything left to do; I’ll wait! Got it? Now……read through it again and strike through anything that really doesn’t have to be done. I mean really, do you HAVE to dust every light bulb in your home?
  2. Pick up the phone RIGHT NOW, call your best friend and set a time to meet her for coffee (or lunch, or whatever you girls do for fun) BEFORE the end of the week. You will be glad you did, and she will, too!
  3. Haven’t finished your Christmas cards…me neither!! They probably won’t get there on time now anyway so give yourself a break…who cares if they arrive late…it’s the thought that counts!
  4. Haven’t finished all your holiday baking…me neither!! I have gotten some cookie batches done but I’ll head out to my favorite bakery to buy the rest and NO ONE will care. As long as there are sugar-coated delights to munch on, your family will be happy and you will be happy your fingers are flour-free!
  5. Take time each day this week to read some of your favorite book, an inspirational one would be great. For me…it’s the Bible. If I plant some Scripture in my head before my day starts, it’s better for me…AND everyone I meet.
  6. SMILE! Whether you are at home, work, the mall…wherever…a happy smile will make YOU feel better AND will brighten the day of everyone you see.
  7. SLEEP! This one is counter intuitive I know…we usually stay up into the wee hours getting everything done. Go to bed early…when momma is rested and happy, EVERYTHING else runs much more smoothly.

So…..I hope I’ve given you a few chuckles today AND some ideas to keep your sanity this last week before Christmas!!


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