How my Mistake Can Help You!

We’ve all had them. Those moments of spilling something all over our work surface.

I had one such moment recently and I think my mistake can help you.

I was in my craft room working on this month’s technique class. I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t realize the top had loosened on my bottle of Stampin’ Mist. You know, that liquid that cleans our rubber stamps? Well. I picked up the bottle by the top and it spilled all over my piercing mat which was close by.

I grabbed a paper towel to clean up the spill and wiped it across my mat…yuck! All the ink left behind from stamping projects quickly turned that paper towel a lovely shade of brown. But, I continued wiping and in a short time, my mat was clean! Whaddya know! If I hadn’t spilled my Stampin’ Mist I never would have this tip to pass on to you!

Here’s a photo of the before and after of a couple of my mats.

I would recommend just using a small amount of your Stampin’ Mist, not the entire bottle like I did!

If you need to order some of this versatile product, just click on the picture below.


2 thoughts on “How my Mistake Can Help You!”

    • Sorry about the darkness. Basically I was trying to show the ink all over the first one and then totally clean on the second one and how I did it in my post! Have a great day Gail!


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