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Back by popular demand…our Guest Blogger Angie Caruthers! Here are some samples of the Halloween book she did for her adorable son, Cooper!
These were done with our On Board Bitty Books. These books are easy to cover and make wonderful brag books to give to family and friends!


Tutorial to cover Bitty Books:


SU On Board
Bitty Book, 2 sheets 12 x 12 patterned paper and coordinating cardstock, sticky
strip tape, mod podge, paint brush ribbon, 1 ¼ inch circle punch, embellishments
such as ribbon, buttons—anything you like!.


Tip #1: don’t
try to wrap the papers over the edges (the album will not slip into to cover
easily if you do this); go ahead and actually cut the papers as I say below.


pieces coordinating papers each cut 3.75 x 4 75 and one piece cardstock cut at
2 x 3.75 for the binding. Adhere the pieces using Mod Podge.

To make the
binding lay flat on the sides and the spine, it’s best to crease it lightly,
then score the creases. Apply with double-sided red sticky tape and Mod Podge.


Once all
the pieces are on the book, you can either add embellishments or not: remember,
anything you put on the front should not prevent the album from sliding into
the case.


The Bitty
Book comes flat and you need to fold the scored edges and adhere to create the
case. There is a smaller side to the book-it is maybe 1/8th of an
inch smaller on the two flaps..the small flaps go in the inside. Fold the flaps
in and if the box looks square, you have done it correctly. If the sides look
rounded, you need to switch the inside/outside flaps. Adhere sticky strip to
the smaller flaps. Remove the red plastic and fold the larger flap over the
smaller and press in along the flaps. Cut a strip of patterned paper. Wrap the
paper around the case, being careful to align the seam at the bottom of the
box. Crease it. Remove the strip and score it at the creases. The light crease
marks are where you will now score the paper to get a sharper edge. Wrap the
strip around the case again, this time using a pencil to trace the curve of the
half circle on the case-be sure to do on each side. Using your 1 ¼ inch circle
punch, line up at the pencil mark and punch the circles.


You are now
ready to adhere the paper to the case. Use sticky strip on the bottom edge to
keep the paper in place. Start at the bottom, working up, apply Mod Podge with
a small paint brush onto the case, then put on the paper and smooth out any
bubbles. If you use a thin layer of Mod Podge, you will have better results.
You want it to stay on but you don’t want to soak your book.

For the
case binding, cut 2 x 4 ½. Repeat the process for the binding, crease, score,
apply sticky strip and Mod Podge, then adhere paper.


you are ready to embellish to put your personal “flair” into it!!



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