It Was A Dark, Windy, Cool October Evening….

and we had all gathered at The Scrapbook Addict to spend the evening cropping……what happens next you ask? Well, that’s what I want YOU to tell me. Send me a 2-3 line paragraph via email or the comments section below finishing this sentence. Three lucky people will win a copy of Laura Childs’ latest scrapbooking mystery. Have fun!


5 thoughts on “It Was A Dark, Windy, Cool October Evening….”

  1. “Darn!” I said. “I forgot my adhesive in the car.” I grabbed my jacket and my keys, and while everyone started their first layout, I headed out in the darkness.
    I had just closed my car door and was walking back to The Scrapbook Addict when suddenly I gasped. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of *something* laying on the sidewalk, semi-concealed by the shadows of the building. As my eyes gradually adjusted to the darkness, I saw it was roughly the shape of a human….
    (yes, I know it’s longer than a few sentences, but I was feeling creative- something unheard of for this early in the day! LOL)

  2. Here is my submission to the “mystery” evening:
    It was a dark, stormy October evening. We were all cropping in the Stamp Addict’s crop room. Suddenly the lights went out! A flash of light appeared! We all screamed! There was the sound of running feet and a door closing. What happened? What was that? No one knew. It took Tracie a little while to get to the breaker and flip them back on. Someone—who?—had flipped them off? We all began to calm down a little, nervous giggles and sheepish laughs were given. Anne began to gather her stuff to scrap again but she noticed a picture that she had not seen before lying on her scrapbook. It was a polaroid snapshot of the cropping group. How did it get there? Who took it? When? But it had everyone in it who was there tonight. In the same clothes. The flash, it must have been someone taking the picture of the group, but why? Who did this? What was going on?

  3. Here’s my entry. Feel free to change the names to protect the innocent.
    It was a dark, stormy October evening. We were all cropping in the Stamp Addict’s crop room. There was a hint of Halloween in the air as some of the ladies shared their favorite ghost stories while scrapbooking pictures of their little goblins. I was having trouble with a page I was working on and decided a break would be in order. After a brief walk around the room to see the pages and projects of others, I returned to my chair with renewed ideas. Picking up my snail adhesive, I started to make a few changes when I stopped, dropping the adhesive onto the table. The pages were finished already and the results were both creative and spooky. I glanced around to see if anyone was watching or trying to hide a sly smile but everyone seemed to be working away unaware of anything suspicious happening. Thinking the others might not believe what had happened, I decided to continue working and not mention the incident. SUDDENLY….. Dorothy screamed and every head turned her way. “My witch just flew across the page” she said and all the croppers laughed. “I’m not kidding, I was trying to decide where to put her on the page and she just flew up to the right hand corner and stopped.” She held up her page to show a laughing, witch on a broom adhered to the right, upper corner of her page. The group snickered and someone asked what she had been drinking and if there was any left. Dorothy seemed very upset and I was about to tell her what had happened to my pages when . . . .

  4. here is my mystery entry,
    as the lights went out everyone scrambled to get some candles except me I went to my crop bag, “hey amy are you coming?” :in a few i replied” ” what on earth are you doing in your bag at a time like this?” sarah asked sounding a little annoyed. “Im grabbbing my camera this is going to make the perfect scrap page” I answered in my scrapping voice

  5. Who were the winners of this? Was it posted somewhere and I missed it? Just curious! 🙂 (I’m figuring I wasn’t one of them, but I’d like to congratulate those who were!)


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