Let’s TACO ‘Bout It!

Hey stampers! Focusing on some fun facts and levity today. In honor of National Taco Day, Let’s TACO ‘Bout It! Did you even know there is a special day to celebrate tacos?

Observed annually on Oct. 4, National Taco Day celebrates the culinary delight that is a taco. This tasty treat is made in either soft or hard shells with a variety of yummy fillings.   Rumor has it the origin is the word ataco, which translates to the word stuff, or to stuff.
The possibilities are endless as you create your own combination of meats, cheese, vegetables, seasonings and sauces. Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat-lover, a taco has you covered. For many people, it is their “go to” comfort food.

I was shaking my head, but then I thought, why not? Most everyone loves tacos so let’s give them their just due and work it into a card…lol.

Let's TACO 'Bout It!

Here are some more fun facts about this crunchy, arguably “healthy delight”:

The word “taco” originated in the 18th century silver mines in Mexico. Back then, a taco was the paper used to wrap around gunpowder for small explosives.

Founder Glenn Bell, first opened the chain “Del Tacos,” a hot dog and taco franchise. He was the first to fry his taco shells in advance.  Before then, they were fried on demand. They were the first fast food chain to have move tie-in promotions. In 1962, a tacos only cost 19 cents. Even though the 1990 Chihuahua was an advertising phenomenon, taco sales actually went down during that period.

My favorite taco EVER is found below:

Let's TACO 'Bout It!

If you recognize where this yummy delight is purchased, leave me a comment by the end of today with your address and I’ll pop a little treat into the mail for you! 🙂

So, if a taco fits into your plans today, google your favorite taco spots and, in honor of National Taco Day, you just might end up with a free one or at least a discount! Happy eating!





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