MANY Benfits To Scrapbooking!

I found this great article that made me giggle…this is exactly what I thought about scrapbooking when I first started….and look at me now! 🙂 Kudos to Carole!

by Carole DeJarnatt

The scrapbooking hobby has
been around for a long time and people do it for a variety of reasons. If you
are an outsider to the world of scrapbooking, then you will not understand until
you experience the craft the many reasons a person invests so much time and
energy into a scrapbook page.

When I was first introduced to
scrapbooking via my church family, I told them I had neither time nor energy to
invest in creating pages of photos matched up with paper and cute little
embellishments. I thought those people were crazy staying up all hours of the
evening, dragging around tons of supplies, just to sit and create scrapbook
pages. One evening I was invited to a scrapbook night and I agreed to come with
the intent of visiting and watching. No scrapbooking for me. I was a business
professional who could not imagine investing time or energy into something I
felt was for stay-at-home moms or those who had nothing better to do.

Little did I know I was about to change my mind and attitude…during the
evening of socializing and viewing all the pages of creation, something changed
in me. One person in particular needed help with color coordinating and matting
her photos. I started working with her and ended up finishing her page for her.
The scrapbooking bug bit me and it bit hard! The very next day I was out buying
all the essential tools to create my very own pages of photos.

What is
it about scrapbooking that captures so many people’s devotion and attention?

  1. Focus–You lose your focus on everything except for the scrapbook
    page you are working on. You forget the world exist for a few moments and you
    focus on nothing but what is in front of you.
  2. Creativity–All it takes is a sheet of paper and a few ideas to get
    your creative juices going. Whether the ideas are from a magazine, your
    surroundings, or the scrapbook paper held in your hand; the end result is pure
  3. History–When I think of a scrapbook, to me it is the history of the
    day, moment, or event. The page was created for future generations to learn of
    their family.
  4. Expressing myself–The scrapbook is made by someone and that in
    itself is a source of pride and joy. The feeling you get from completing,
    giving, or sharing your scrapbooks is indescribable.
  5. Giving–When working on a scrapbook layout, you are giving your
    thoughts, feelings, and memories to an event to share with others. The joy you
    feel when others express pleasure and enjoyment from your work is worth all the
    time and energy.

Scrapbooking has become so sophisticated you do
not even need to leave the comfort of your home to get started. If you are
experienced with computer programs such as Photoshop Elements, your tools are at
the tips of your hands. If you prefer traditional scrapbooking, you still have
the ability to order supplies and tools at the comfort of your home and within
days you will be completing your own scrapbook.

People today have a
variety of reasons for making their own scrapbooks and/or creating creations of
beauty with their supplies. The majority of my experience has been to create
something to share with future generations. People want to be remembered and
through a scrapbook their lives are shared.

the Author

Carole DeJarnatt began her love with paper but now
also designs digitally for the future generations of her family. Visit for ideas, supplies, and
learning guides. From beginner to expert, traditional scrapbooker to digital,
the resources are available at to find what
you need to create your own scrapbook or gifts for your friends and family.


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