I was helping one of my downline at her first workshop last night and the subject of “masking” came up. I’ve had others ask me lately about this technique so I wanted to post some basic instructions. Our LOADS OF LOVE stamp set lends itself really well to this technique…filling up the truck bed with one of the accessories. Enjoy, and remember to send me a picture of your finished project so I can feature it in one of my “guest blogger” posts!

1]   Stamp image on card stock.

2]   Stamp it again on a piece of scratch paper.

3]   Cut carefully around the scratch paper image, cutting just inside the lines; this will be your mask.

4]   Place the mask on top of the card stock image.

5]   Stamp another image over a portion of the mask to create layered, interacting images.

6]   Remove the mask to see the finished look. 

7]   To stamp a partial image, use tape to cover the part of the
stamp you don’t want to appear, ink the stamp, remove the tape, and
stamp the image.

To ensure that the mask stays in place, stamp image on a Post-It® note.


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