Mini Album Marathon

One of my customers, Deb,  made the cutest mini baby album out of toilet paper rolls. AND, being a well-trained and generous crafter, what did she do? Why, of course, she brought her prototype to stamp club and shared it with all of us. Naturally, we all loved it and wanted to make one for ourselves.

We all gathered again at my home and Deb spent several hours teaching about 8 crazed crafters how to do this particular one.  Most of us had made some sort of toilet paper roll album before, but the box surrounding this one gave it a new twist (Deb found this tutorial at

Timing was perfect for me;  I had been wanting to make a mini album to give as a baby gift to a co-worker and his wife. Side note: this baby actually arrived three months ago, and you just might say I was a tad behind; however, I look at it as a way to have my gift stand out from all the rest!! 🙂

I’m pleased with the result…what do you think?


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