A Moment Of Reflection As A Brave Officer Is Laid To Rest

Hello stampers! I hope you will indulge me today to diverge a bit from my usual crafty oriented blog posts. Today a wonderful man was laid to rest, Officer David Sherrard. He and his family are part of the neighborhood community in which my husband Dave and I live. This brave police officer was gunned down answering a 911 call a week ago.

A Moment Of Reflection As A Brave Officer Is Laid To Rest

As I watched the Livestream of his funeral at a local church, I reflected on many things and I wanted to share them with you.

First, his faith was at the top of his priorities each and every day. Every speaker at his funeral talked about how he lived out his faith in his community, at work, and, most importantly, at home with his family. He was passing on something so valuable to the next generation.  As I watched person after person speak, I reflected on if my faith is obvious to those who know me well and also to those strangers with whom I interact each day. I hope so.

Second, none of us know if today might be our last so we need to cherish each and every day and be sure those near to us truly know of our love for them. The love David felt for his family came through so strong with each and every speaker. Not a one left the podium without mentioning of his deep love for his wife and his two girls. What a legacy he left. Do we do that? I hope so.

Finally, David Sherrard was quite a prankster and possessed a happy spirit. Joy exuded from this man and his sense of humor, no doubt, got him through many dark days as a police officer. Is joy flowing abundantly from us? I hope so.

This family and extended family had their lives changed forever in a blink of an eye. They will not have David’s physical presence with them as they struggle to put their lives back together following this deep loss. But, I daresay, he will be present in their hearts and they will treasure the memories of his faith, his love, and his joy.

I pray all of us will live our lives as David did, finding joy each day, in the hard things as well as the happy times.

Thank you for the joy all of you bring into my life and I hope I am in some small way able to bring that to you as well! God bless! 🙂




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