Monday Morning Thoughts for a GREAT Week!

Hey Stampers! I’m glad you popped in! Today I’m sharing my Monday Morning Thoughts for a GREAT Week! I must admit, when Sunday rolls around, I’m not always ready for a new week. I sometimes think of Sunday as “Monday Eve”, weekend over, and that can be totally deflating. Lately I’ve been thinking about how our “mindset” can make the start of the week worse.

I find if I’m already dreading Monday, for whatever reason, my week often heads downhill from there. Can you relate?

Take this past weekend for example. It was my birthday and I had such a fun weekend starting on Friday with a girls’ trip, then out to dinner, my BOGO craft sale, out to dinner again (eating is always a welcome part of my birthday for sure😁), phone calls from friends and family, and working with my 5th and 6th graders at church yesterday. You would think with all that fun, I’d be in the best mood and thinking about how great Monday would be…wrong!

I was packing up my work bag since I’ll be working Monday in the office to welcome a new hire. My attitude had already started in the ball rolling down the hill direction. My to do list was pretty long and I was also dreading some difficult employee conversations (I’m the HR Manager). WHOA I thought, back it up Betty!

My Monday mindset was about to change. I came up with a list of things I could do and attitudes I could have to change my mindset. These are things we can do every day, but seem to be especially important on Monday!

  • Expect things to go well but give yourself permission to make mistakes AND forgive yourself (and others) when you do
  • Go to bed a little bit early on Sunday so you wake up better refreshed and ready to take on whatever challenges might await
  • Remind yourself that you are pretty awesome and give yourself credit when things go well
  • Take time for breaks during the week, both mental and physical
  • Look for the small blessings each day and be thankful for them
  • Other focus instead of self focus
  • GRACE wins every time

Know I’m here cheering you on and please feel free to share any of your mindset shifts in the comments! Make it a GREAT Monday!


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