Posted on October 11, 2010

My Digital Studio Downloads

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Have you tried to look for what's available in the My Digital Studio Downloads area of Anne's SU Store and been frustrated with not being able to see everything easily? 

I have! (Guess who's writing this one!?   Right! It's the ever-patient Stamp Slave!)

Here's a way to make it much easier:

  1. Go to Anne's SU Store.
  2. In the left column, click on "Digital Crafting".
  3. Click "Download By Type".
  4. Click "Accessories". (Note that there are only eight items showing, but at least five pages exist.)
  5. Find the little box in the upper right, labeled "Show". It is currently set to "8".
  6. Click the dropdown arrow and set it to "All".

Now you can quickly scroll through all of the downloads in that category.  Notice that you can also sort them alphabetically or by price!


I have a fair amount of experience with photo and illustration software and, in my humble opinion, you would be hard-pressed to find anything as capable as My Digital Studio for anywhere close to the price!

If you haven't yet gotten your copy of My Digital Studio, you can get more information at Anne's SU Store, or you can go to our MDS page for more information on My Digital Studio and all of the benefits of owning it.

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