Never Lose Your Die or Stamp Again!

In this weeks’ Tuesday Tip on my You Tube Channel I tackle a problem that I bet you’ve faced a time or two. If you are like I am, you might possibly work on multiple crafting projects at once. Do you have stamps and dies and other items spread out all over? Have you even lost a small photopolymer stamp because it stuck to something you threw away? Would you like a tip that just might help you never lose your die or stamp again?


tuesday two minute tip

Before I put this tip into practice, I have had to replace more than one die or stamp set because I lost one itsy, bitsy piece. Frustrating and unnecessary!? You bet! If you’ve ever had to deal with this, too, watch this two minute tip. I feel certain it might also help you to never lose your die or stamp again!

So whatcha think? Pretty easy and I bet you have a little plastic or class cup sitting around that could move into your crafting area! Maybe you even have a magnetic sheet for the dies, too. If this little tip helps you to never lose your die or stamp again leave me a comment below!




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