Not Another Job…!!

I’m always looking around for new ideas and new ways to do things in my paper crafting. I ran across an article on scrapbooking, by Monna Ellithorpe, that I thought was interesting.  Monna included a number of common sense tips that can save a lot of time and energy by just having a few things ready to go when you start a project. I enjoyed it so here are a few excerpts:

“Your scrapbooking layouts can make all the difference in how your pages look. The key is to have many scrapbook sketches available already there for you to choose from and to help you get over those times when your own creative ideas are at a standstill.”

“I have discovered in my own scrapbooking sessions that if I have a sketch to go by, the hard part is already done.”  And …”do not forget the journal box on your pages.”

It’s a good article. I think my favorite line was, “Always remember, enjoy your hobby and don’t feel as if it is another job.”

If you would like to read her entire article, here is a link:—8-Ways-to-Be-More-Productive&id=2210401

Please leave me a comment if you find articles like this helpful.  If you like them, I’ll keep linking to them from time to time.


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