Ode To Black Friday – Free Shipping For All!

‘Twas two days before Black Friday and all through the land,
Shoppers were preparing their lists with pens in hand.
Sale sheets were spread out across the ktichen table,
Everyone was helping, young and old, all were able.
Of circling an item or pointing out a great deal,
No one was holding back, each looking for a great steal.

Now you might wonder, why is this worthy of a post,
I had to share, I’ll be doing something different than most,
I’ll be sleeping in, not listening for the alarm clock’s gong,
So I’ll be rested and fit, ready to stamp all day long!
But please do not worry, if off to the mall you must run,
You can still come home and stamp when you are done.

And if you should need one thing or maybe two,
I have the perfect thing for you to do.
Grab your SU catalog and a big piece of paper,
’cause from Friday to Monday it’s The BIG Free Shipping Caper
That’s right, you heard it, anything over 50 you buy,
You will get your shipping paid, by me, myself and I!
Only one thing, you must email or call,
To take advantage of my special, when you get home from the mall!


Free shipping details:

SU currently has a free shipping promotion on orders above $150, before tax and shipping, until the end of the month.  I’ve decided to add my own special to theirs until Monday at Midnight.

Place any order between $50 and $150, before tax and shipping, with me via email or phone between 12:01 am on Friday and Midnight on Monday and you will receive free shipping on your entire order. (If your order is over $150 before tax and shipping, you can place that at my online store if you’d rather.)

AND… Should you want to tell your Santas about this great deal, they can call me to order items on your wish list and I will give them free gift wrapping…what a great deal!

Happy shopping!

Please call me or email with any questions!


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