Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles: Hard Work and Persistence Paid Off for Walt Disney.

Recognize this little guy?

Of course you do, it’s our friend Mickey Mouse, who originally made his debut in a film called Steamboat Willie directed by Walt Disney.

Walt Disney, actually, more specifically his theme parks, have provided millions of people all over the world (including my family and me!) with happy memories.

But did you know, Walt Disney was not “born into success”?

His road to “fame and fortune” wasn’t easy, and it couldn’t have happened without Disney’s hard work and steadfast belief in his dreams. Disney faced numerous obstacles. Because of his family’s poverty, he was put to work at just nine years old, had only an eighth-grade education and almost no formal training in art. He also overcame several business setbacks. He saw these not as failings but as the things that helped to make him the great visionary and businessman he became.

There are very few who have had as enormous an impact on our culture and entertainment as Walt Disney. As co-creator of Mickey Mouse he helped to create the most popular and well-known cartoon character in the world. He was an artist who changed animation and film-making forever through his creation of Walt Disney Studios. And, of course, when he brought us Disneyland and Walt Disney World he created a place unlike any other, one that still enchants and delights millions of children and adults today.

If you’re facing obstacles or challenges today, remember those, like Walt Disney, who overcame their own set of obstacles to help pave the way for others. Who might you inspire?


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