Owl Girl

It’s the Stamp Slave again…

Woo Hoo!  Time for another video.  This is another one of my Owl Punch videos.  Probably the last for a while until I come up with some more ideas, (hint!!).

I had heard that some people were using the Stampin’ Up! Two Step Owl Punch to make, among other things, a girl’s head.  Thought I’d give it a try so I played around with it and came up with a few little tricks.  No stamp sets in this one, but you can sure come up with ways to combine some of these ideas and your stamps in your handmade cards.  We Stampin’ Up! Demo people, (or supporting demo in my case), are always looking for new stamping ideas and techniques.  If this gives you any ideas, please share and we will pass them along to the rest or our readers.

I hope you enjoy.  Please let us know or leave a comment.


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