Posted on January 12, 2021

Cardmaking – did you know?

Papercrafting/ Stamping

Hey Stamping Peeps! Hope the new year is going well for all of you. I've titled today's post Cardmaking – did you know? I've been making handmade cards for years but I have never taken the time to actually research the history of my craft. I found some interesting facts so I thought you might enjoy, too!

Believe it or not, the custom of sending greeting cards can be traced back to the ancient Chinese and Egyptians. In Chinese society, people exchanged sentiments of good will to celebrate the new year and the early Egyptians were sending their greetings on papyrus scrolls.

Early in the 15th century, handmade greetings (now on paper) were being exchanged all over Europe. Valentines were one of the most popular forms of cards to send out.

In the 1800's, with advances in printing, more people were able to participate in this form of personal communication; it had been relatively expensive prior to this time. This trend continued on and holidays like Christmas caused an explosion in the greeting card industry.

E-cards made their debut into the market in the late 1990's. Now, I still prefer the handmade greeting card; I'm sure that comes as no surprise since I'm a Stampin' Up! demonstrator!😊😊

Over SEVEN BILLION greeting cards were sent in the United States alone next year. I knew cardmaking was popular, but this number actually boggles my mind! Covid has curtailed many craft fairs and markets but so many sold their creations through this avenue. The wedding industry is huge and many cardmakers use their skills to turn a hefty profit making handmade wedding invitations and favors.

I thought these facts were interesting; hope you enjoyed reading them!

I'll have a new card project for you tomorrow so please pop on in!

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Posted on January 11, 2021

Monday Morning Inspiration


I love giving Monday Morning Inspiration to my co-workers, my team members, my family! Our world is filled with so much negativity these days that I think we all can use a little cheer and positive vibes, don't you?

Do you see yourself as awesome? I get it, this word has become over used in our society. How many movies have at least one scene when one of the characters says, “Awesome, dude”!

I looked this word up in the dictionary and here are some other words that mean the same thing: breathtaking, amazing, stunning, astounding, wonderful, miraculous, impressive, extraordinary…you get the idea!

Inspiring…that's one of my favorite words for awesome. I think we all can inspire or be inspired by someone every day. It might be your mom, dad, spouse, child, friend, co-worker, neighbor…the list is endless. Who knows, a stranger might just be waiting to be inspired and uplifted by you today.

I invite you to see who YOU can inspire today! Happy Monday!

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Posted on January 10, 2021

I Spy With My Little Eye…

Just for Fun

I spy with my little eye…SNOW!! Yep, right here in North Texas. Today is my husband's birthday so I told him it is JUST for him!. Only problem is, he HATES the cold, including snow. We lived in Connecticut for three years and I think he had his fill there…ha!

I however, will take snow any day, any way!

Do you consider yourself:

A. I am just like Olaf…I love snow!!!

B. I hate snow and would be sitting inside, curled up in a blanket!

Just type an A or B in the comment section below and let's see which gets the highest number of votes!

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