Posted on September 11, 2020

Patriot Day 2020

Holidays / Special Days

Anyone who was alive on this terrible day probably can tell you exactly where they were. Where were you?

I was at our home school co-op as the reports of the planes hitting the towers started to come across the news. Understandably the students started to panic and wonder if they were safe. As Director, it was my responsibility to make sure they were.

My committee and I were able to activate our phone tree to get in touch with parents and our teachers did an amazing job of taking care of the kids until parents arrived.

I pray our nation (or any other for that matter) never has to deal with something like this again. God Bless our beautiful country and may all who lost love ones on that horrid day find comfort and peace.!

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Posted on September 10, 2020

Early Bird Registration for Teach Me Techniques Month 4 is Open!

Facebook LIVE/ Online Classes

If you've been wanting to step up your stamping game and learn some new techniques, my “Teach Me” series is for you!

Each month you will learn 3 new techniques and also receive written PDF instructions only available to class attendees. I share tips and tricks that will definitely help you!

You don't want to miss out on “early bird” registration. You'll save $10 off the regular price.

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Posted on September 9, 2020

How Papercrafting is Saving My Sanity During This Period of Social Isolation


Hey Stampers! You are not alone if you have been feeling isolated during this pandemic. My friends and I have found papercrafting to be our saving grace during this time of “unknowns” and questions.

When will there be a vaccine? Will I or someone I love end up in the hospital with Covid? Do others feel this way?

Honestly, just about everyone with whom I chat these days has anxious, fearful thoughts and probably asks themselves these questions.

I have good news to share! Papercrafting can save your sanity and help alleviate your fearful moments. How?

Clinical neuropsychologist Katie Levisay in Colorado has explained that crafting can help as it requires sustained concentration. We are usually totally focused on the project of the moment. I know when I'm stamping or doing some other type of papercrafting, I completely lose track of time and my awareness of what's going on around me diminishes. (I forget I have a husband who wants to eat)!

When we create something for ourselves or others we usually feel satisfied and it is a rewarding experience. These feelings actually release dopamine and endorphins in the brain giving us a feeling of well-being. Sharing our creations with others also makes us feel connected and a part of something greater.

If you're looking for new project ideas and maybe some video tutorials, I invite you to check out a few of my social sites. Just click on one of the buttons at the very top of this post.

Remember, you're not alone, so if you need a “crafting buddy” please reach out to me and let's start chatting! If you know someone who is a papercrafter or maybe needs an outlet to save their sanity, feel free to forward this post to them!

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