Part II, There’s No Right Way To Scrapbook

You don’t have to start preserving all the memories you’ve had since Day One in chronological order! Just pick an event that inspires you the most and start with it! The key here is…to START! If you pick an event that has a definite beginning and end (i.e. your child’s Kindergarten year), it will not seem as overwhelming as your child’s entire life from birth through age 5!

Remember the date! We often get so engrossed in making our pages look spectacular that we don’t remember to note the date of a particular event. If you get into the habit of checking this on each page, pretty soon it will become automatic…and a year later when you are sharing your pages with someone, you’ll be glad the dates are there!

When you journal, try using your own handwriting Most of us think we don’t measure up in this area but believe me…it adds charm to a page!


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