Passin’ The Time On Sunday…

without my Cowboys! As you can tell by some of my posts, I am a rabid football fan, especially when The ‘Boys are playing. But, since THAT won’t be happening anymore THIS year, I have much more time for my other favorite pastime…stamping!

If you’ve never tried the “shadowing” technique, check out this card. Bird shadow cards
This little bird and his “reflection” in the water was so easy to create using my Stampin’ Sponge and a little Taken With Teal Classic Ink. I learned a great little tip the other day for my sponges; cut your sponge in quarters and then in quarters again. Each time you use a different ink color, use your Round Tab Punch and punch out a little tab from a small piece of coordinating Card Stock. Then, fold in half and adhere to the point edge with a stapler. You can tell at a glance what color is on your sponge and you can use each sponge for only that color.


1 thought on “Passin’ The Time On Sunday…”

  1. Very cool using the frame of the bird punch for the shadowing of the bird. Did You also put the bird and wing back into place to do the shadowing on the bird and wing? What was used for the dsp? Did you make your own? Would really like to know!!!


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