Photography And People Tips

It has been a bit since I posted….my hubby went in for a “routine” colonoscopy and ended back in the hospital for a week…fluke thing and they never did figure out what caused it. But, he is back in the saddle and I’m back at the computer!

We’ve got some gorgeous spring weather here in Texas and people are out with their kids taking pictures. thought I would post these tips…enjoy!

People & Portrait Photography Quick Tips

  • If you use objects other than
    your main subject in the foreground, be careful of placement. You don’t
    want to obscure or detract from your subject.
  • Every time you hold your camera to your eye, look for leading
    lines, foreground elements, frames—anything you can use to lend
    dynamism to your image. Photographs are two dimensional but it helps if
    they look and feel three dimensional.
  • Don’t just stand there—sit, squat, lie down. The angle from which you make a photograph can make a dramatic difference.
  • When using an electronic flash indoors, move your subject away from walls to prevent harsh shadows.
  • A piece of very light orange gel over the face of your electronic flash can warm up the light and give it a more pleasing cast.
  • When you first arrive at a new location, make note of any features
    that strike you. Try to find ways to incorporate them into your
  • Be careful if you are using a wide-angle lens to photograph a group. The people at the edges may get distorted.
  • If kids want to look through the camera, let them. They will be
    more relaxed and cooperative. Just watch out for dirty fingers on the
  • Anticipate kids’ behavior. If they are playing tag, set up near the
    base, compose your image, and wait for them to come running in.


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